Samsung Kies: Easy Data Exchange (Android/Windows/Mac) 2024

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You may transfer files between your older Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet and your computer using Samsung Kies. The term “Samsung Kies” is practically ubiquitous among users of older Samsung cellphones.

As part of their in-house multimedia package, Samsung has been selling the programme since September 2012. It streamlines the process of updating older Samsung phones to Android, syncs media files across Galaxy devices and PCs running Windows or macOS, and transfers data between the two.

The software can do that

You can sync your devices and move data between your phone and computer with the help of Samsung Kies. Downloading critical firmware upgrades via Samsung Kies allows owners of older Samsung devices, such the Samsung Galaxy S4, to keep even an old Samsung model working.

A brief overview of the essential roles:

  • Outlook, Google, and Yahoo! calendar, appointment, and task synchronisation
  • Move media files (photos, movies, and music) from your computer to your phone.
  • Creating backups
  • Bringing newer versions of Android to older Samsung phones
  • View images, listen to music, and play videos.

Kies is compatible with these Android versions

Unfortunately, Samsung Kies does not work with every single Samsung device or version of Android. Rather, it is a dedicated app that facilitates data transmission for older Samsung mobile phones.

Version 3 of Samsung Kies is the most recent one. Any Galaxy smartphone, including the Samsung Galaxy S4, running Android 4.3 or later, may use it. For data transfer, users of handsets running older versions of Android must resort to Kies 2.6, the predecessor.

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Samsung has discontinued support for Kies 3 as of Android 5.0 or later, which includes the Galaxy S6. If you own a more recent Samsung mobile device, such the Galaxy S20 or one of the Galaxy A series, you may use Samsung Smart Switch, the new synchronisation programme that is the direct replacement to Samsung Kies.

This is how data transfer works with Samsung Kies

You can use Samsung Kies on your computer by downloading the app from the Samsung website and installing it. It is compatible with macOS and Windows systems. After that, use a USB cord to link your Samsung device to your computer. The programme initiates a network search for updates the moment the connection is established.

The “Sync” tab then allows you to synchronise your tasks, contacts, and calendars with Google, Yahoo!, or Microsoft Outlook. Just drag and drop the media files (audio, video, etc.) into the appropriate folder in the left-hand navigation tree to sync them with your computer or mobile device, or vice versa.

If the file format isn’t compatible with Android, Samsung Kies will convert it straight before you transfer it from your computer to your phone.

Select “Backup/Restore” from the menu to begin backing up your device’s data. All the features needed for this may be found there. Even more so, you may utilise checkboxes to restrict backups to specific types of data, including contacts, movies, or photographs.

Samsung Kies Air – The Mobile Alternative

The mobile software known as Samsung Kies Air is essentially Kies on steroids for smartphones. The app is wire-free. Connecting your mobile device to your PC using WiFi is all that’s needed. Automatic synchronisation of media files and contact information is provided.

You can see the IP address that your Samsung phone uses to connect to your computer in the app.

In order to configure data transfer with Kies Air, open the URL box of your computer’s browser and input this IP address. After that, you may use Kies Air by confirming your access in the app. The most fundamental need, of course, is that the PC and the smartphone must be linked to the same WLAN.

Unlike the PC version, Samsung Kies Air does not allow you to upgrade your firmware or install Android on your Samsung smartphone. The original software and a USB cable are required to install software updates on your phone.

Troubleshooting Gravel

The software is getting on in years and doesn’t contribute anything to Samsung’s product line, thus development has stalled. The more recent Smart Switch software is getting all the attention. This means that there is a chance of issues with download, installation, and usage of the programme.

Kies is a practical application, though, and it works reliably most of the time. Naturally, mistakes are still possible. Even when the smartphone is connected via a USB connection, Kies may fail to detect it.

To be sure, this issue is amenable to a number of solutions. It is imperative that you verify the device compatibility of Kies before proceeding. It may be sufficient to just disconnect the phone’s cord from the computer and then reattach it. You could also try connecting the computer to a different USB port.

Keep in mind that Kies isn’t compatible with Samsung smartphones released after 2016. On the current models, you can get Smart Switch. Additionally, you’ll need access to a computer running a previous Windows version if you’re still using Samsung Kies. Windows 10 is incompatible with Kies.

And if your devoted Samsung Galaxy S4 ever decides to give up the ghost or if you just want to start over with Smart Switch, you can purchase Samsung smartphones for rock-bottom rates in our store.

The most important things summarized

  • To transfer data from older Samsung Galaxy handsets to computers running Windows or macOS, you may use Samsung Kies.
  • Android 5.0 and later versions of Samsung’s mobile operating system do not support Kies.
  • For customers with more recent Samsung devices, the South Korean company offers its own Smart Switch.
  • One way to wirelessly transfer data from your Galaxy device to your desktop PC is via the Samsung Kies Air software.

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