The Best Running Apps (Android & iOS) 2024

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Best Running Apps: There are plenty of other benefits to using running apps outside the obvious monitoring feature.

When it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, running is often cited as one of the most successful endurance sports. Exercising your mind and body with a run is a terrific way to unwind before or after a long day. Given this, it’s hardly surprising that millions of people worldwide frequently put on their running shoes.

Additionally, nearly every jogger carries a cell phone. You can look at it this way: There are benefits to this, such as being able to listen to music while jogging and being ready for any eventuality. In contrast, a running programme can monitor your distance travelled, allowing you to monitor your development in real time. We provide you the rundown of the top five running applications.

Adidas Running by Runtastic

Without a doubt, the “Adidas Running by Runtastic” (iOS | Android) tool is among the greatest and most feature-rich running applications. Reliably tracking your kilometres and altitude, speed, and calorie consumption, this user-friendly software provides a comprehensive snapshot of your runs.

Running is only one of over a hundred hobbies that you may keep tabs on. Climbing, weightlifting, mountain biking, dance, and every typical ball sport are all at your disposal. This implies that you may use Runtastic for all your fitness needs.

Posting your progress on Runtastic or your social media will encourage you to keep going. You may even have your friends cheer you on while you run by using the live tracking feature.

Essentially, Runtastic is free. The software does offer personalised workout plans, but only with a paid membership. An annual subscription of 49.90 EUR gets you access to the tool without the interruption of intrusive ads. Nevertheless, this version is exclusively compatible with Android phones.


Strava” (iOS | Android) is also one of the top applications currently available. Not only can you keep tabs on your runs with this handy tool, but you can also compete with other members of the community. To challenge other runners, just plan out your route in advance.

However, the premium version, which costs 59.99 euros per year, is required in order to design custom routes. Additionally, the premium plan allows you to have personalised training programmes designed just for you.

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Even if there are sometimes little errors while estimating the running distance, they are negligible. Aside from that, Strava is the perfect running partner for aspiring runners. One handy feature is the auto-pause, which allows the app to cease monitoring while you’re at a red light, for instance.

Nike Run Club

The “Nike Run Club” app (iOS | Android) provides plenty of free features that are hard to find in other running tools. An integrated music player, straightforward controls, and an uncluttered interface are among of the app’s best features. Also, if you’re looking for a running app that offers free personalised training regimens, go no further than Nike Run Club.

Not only that, but you may compete in other challenges and talk shop with other runners. “Nike Fuel points” will be yours to keep and show off on your profile if you pull it off. This ensures that the level of motivation remains continuously high. The Nike Run Club also includes the practical car break.

Although it should not be shocking considering the app’s functionality, the battery usage is above average. In addition, you’ll need to accept that Nike heavily promotes its items on the app.


Get the “MapMyRun” app if you’re not the kind to go for jogs on a whim but rather have lofty objectives. In addition to tracking your run distances, the app provides you with well crafted training programmes. Included as well is the live tracking feature that is common in similar programmes.

Connecting the app with additional tools is also an option. For instance, if you own an iPhone, you may use MapMyRun in conjunction with Apple Health and your Apple Watch. The widely used calorie tracker MyFitnessPal may also be linked to the app.

Another useful feature is the ability to save and share your preferred routes with other members of the MapMyRun community. But, another option is to look at other people’s preferred routes to run in order to acquire ideas for your own run.


Consider using RunKeeper (iOS | Android) if you’re training for a 10K, half marathon, or full marathon. You may tailor the app’s training programmes to your own running objectives. The greatest part is that the premium edition of this service is not even need to download.

Naturally, RunKeeper keeps tabs on your runs and gives you all the data you need to analyse them. The app keeps track of your heart rate with your kilometres run, height gained, and calories burnt. A wealth of additional information is at your fingertips when you access the system using the online login.

You can connect the app to fitness trackers and sports watches, and it also has an auto-pause feature. Not to mention that the battery consumption is rather minimal. The user interface is a little too busy, though, which is a drawback.

A word of advice: some ultrarunners won’t be deterred by sub-zero temperatures or torrential downpours, but the vast majority would rather run in dry weather. You can stay safe when planning your jogging session using the correct weather app.

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