The Best Postcard Apps for Android | iPhone 2024

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Best Postcard Apps: Consider using the app to send postcards. Absolutely no worries. The most desirable applicants will be presented to you through our postcard app.

Best Postcard Apps

Is purchasing postage a chore you’d rather avoid while on vacation? Making and sending digital postcards to loved ones is a breeze with the app on your smartphone. Allow me to explain it to you:

Using the software, you may start by making digital postcards. Postcards made by the appropriate service provider are printed and mailed to the receiver when they are complete.

To help you make your own unique postcards, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top free applications available. The mailing of the completed postcards, however, incurs additional expenses. Please note that prices are subject to change and are not shown here in any particular way. On the other hand, the details of each app will have the most up-to-date pricing information.

Holiday Greeting

Holiday Greetings” (Android | iOS), a free postcard app, is incredibly user-friendly. You may begin making your digital postcards and sending them out immediately without registering. After you’ve uploaded your photographs to the programme, choose between traditional, large card, or design motif. Frame parameters like thickness, colour, corners, and shape are all customisable.

The other side is blank and ready for your signature or handwritten message. We accept PayPal, credit cards, bank transfers, and direct debits. A customer account that includes credit is another option.

CEWE Postcard

The CEWE Postcard app (Android | iOS) is likewise remarkable because of its user-friendly interface and extensive editing capabilities. Choosing a trade partner is the first step; they’ll be the ones to mail the postcards you made. In addition to many others, you have CEWE, Amazon, DM, Müller, and Rossmann to select from.

The next step is to choose between two different postcard formats: traditional (15×10 cm) and XL. After that, you’ll have full creative control over your card’s design in the editor, where you may tweak the font, size, placement, backdrop, and effects to your heart’s content. Another option is to make use of a CEWE template.

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Our one and only complaint with the CEWE Postcard app is that there isn’t quite enough variety in the available themes. We think it’s compensated for by the comprehensive editor. Almost every popular payment option is available for purchasing your postcards that are ready to ship, including credit card, PayPal, direct debit, and invoicing.


Another app that tells it all is MyPostcard (Android | iOS). A user account is required to use this postcard app. You may accomplish this by using your email, Facebook, or Google. Then you may get right into the design process.

With its sleek, contemporary style, this design offers a plethora of possibilities. Holidays, birthdays, love, friendship, and a plethora of other categories are also available for filtering. There is an enormous assortment of templates. The occasional appearance of adverts is a drawback.

Picking a style is the first step in making your own postcard. Afterwards, you may add text, organise photographs, and submit them. Complete. Google Wallet, SEPA direct debit, PayPal, rapid transfer, and credit cards are all acceptable methods of payment.


You may also begin creating immediately after downloading Postando (iOS) without having to register. Format and layout should be chosen first. You may even personalise the front with a little inscription if you choose. Next, you may add your images and personalise them by writing on the reverse.

While Postando’s editing tools aren’t as robust as those of other apps, they do provide one unique feature: the ability to “send” a video in addition to a card. For all intents and purposes, this indicates that the card bears a QR code. After scanning it, the receiver gains access to the video.

Postando claims in its website self-disclosure that it places a premium on protecting user privacy and the environment. The firm claims to gather just the data needed to run the service and to print postcards in a way that does not contribute to climate change.


Finally, PokaMax (Android | iOS) has made it into our little postcard app test. Making an account is required initially here as well. After there, you may use the app to snap images or upload ones you already have. You have complete control over the front and back of your photographs with this robust editor. You may use it with your intuition because it is so straightforward.

The ability to input messages via voice control is an extra distinctive feature of this postcard software.

One other unique thing about PokaMax is that it can tell the difference between greeting cards and postcards. The latter allow for even greater personalisation in terms of style, but at the expense of a bit more money. You may save money by purchasing many cards at once.

The most important things at a glance

  • Greeting cards and postcards may be quickly and easily made with the postcard app on any mobile device. Postcards that are complete are sent as “genuine” actual cards.
  • You may utilise a wide variety of design options, styles, and templates, as well as upload your own photos.
  • In most cases, there is no cost to use the software. Printing and shipping, nevertheless, do incur additional expenses.
  • You may use certain applications straight away without creating an account, while others ask for registration.
  • Integrated video or voice-activated messaging are only two examples of the unique features offered by certain apps.

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