Create GIFs: The 5 Best GIFs Apps (Android | iPhone) 2024

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Best GIFs App: Use a GIF to express yourself when words fail you! Make custom GIFs with ease. Give it to us, and we’ll demonstrate.

One thousand words can’t always express what a GIF can. You may convey your emotions more effectively on WhatsApp and social media with the help of these short animations, whether they are humorous, sad, or sarcastic.

Best GIFs App for Android & iPhone

Plenty of options is currently available through several platforms and apps. You still haven’t found what you’re seeking, or you simply like to think outside the box? This is not an issue; making GIFs on your own is a breeze with the correct applications.

1. GIPHY Cam

GIPHY is a leading platform for GIFs. Another option is to use the free in-house software GIPHY Cam (Android | iOS) to make your own GIFs on your mobile device. Either shoot your own footage or utilise current footage as inspiration.

Using the numerous, occasionally strange, filters, stickers, frames, and customised text options, you can give your self-created GIFs that extra something. The variety is expanding weekly, by the way. After you’ve finished making a GIF, you have the option to either store it to your phone or send it to friends and family using social media platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook.

2. JibJab

For Android and iOS, JibJab operates in a slightly different way. You may use the app to make GIFs by adding your face to completed animations or short films. On holidays and other events, would you want to send a particularly heartfelt welcome to friends and family?

There is an excessively big range of templates. You will not be disappointed by JibJab if you were a fan of the Christmas app Yourself. There is one major drawback to the software, and that is how restricted your ability to incorporate your own creative ideas is.

3. Gif Me! Camera

Gif Me! Camera (Android | iOS) is perfect for first-time GIF creators because of how easy it is to use. Additionally, sophisticated users will find a wealth of content within the software. You may apply filters and loop photos from your gallery with no effort at all. You may also use the time-lapse mode.

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Another feature is the ability to record videos within the programme and subsequently convert them into GIFs. The software is quite similar to Instagram in terms of structure and how it works. How comfortable are you in the Instagram universe? Gif Me is likely to be a hit with you. The camera is a good performer.

4. GIF Creator Editor

Almost anything can be made into an infinite loop with the GIF creator editor (Android). You can make and modify any kind of GIF with the programme, whether you have movies or static photos. You can trim photos, brightness, add effects, stickers, and frames with little effort at all thanks to the intuitive UI.

As an added bonus, you may compress GIFs after you’ve made them in order to preserve space and avoid unduly slowing down your smartphone’s performance.

5. GIF Keyboard by Tenor

Also, the GIF Keyboard by Tenor app (Android | iOS) makes it easy to make GIFs. Use the GIF search engine to find what you’re looking for in a variety of categories including music, trends, and responses. Then, just type in some words to personalise your motify and share it with your loved ones. Just change the settings on your mobile device’s keyboard to match.

That way, no matter where you are, you’ll always have the correct GIF response at the ready. You won’t find nearly as many tools to unleash your imagination in GIF Keyboard by Tenor as you would in competing apps. However, you will find an easy way to make a GIF with specific text.

Create Animated GIFs with WhatsApp

Want to make GIFs but don’t want to install an app? No need to do so if you’re one of Germany’s more than 60 million WhatsApp users. Both the iOS and Android versions allow you to convert videos into GIFs. The function is a little bit concealed, I’ll admit. Still, we’ll walk you through the process step by step:

  1. Open WhatsApp and go to the conversation you wish to insert the GIF into.
  2. Press the camera icon that appears next to the input line if you’re using Android. The + sign is located on iOS.
  3. Pick out a pre-made clip or film a quick movie.
  4. The video you wish to convert into a GIF using WhatsApp can’t be longer than seven seconds. It is possible to compress too lengthy videos. You may accomplish this with ease in the picture bar located at the top of the screen.
  5. The GIF choice will show up in the upper right after the video reaches the correct length. Pick them out.
  6. You may now make a picture sequence that plays again and over again, embellish it with stickers and text, and then share it in the conversation.

Create a GIF: It can also be done without an app

Is your iPhone running iOS 11 or anything more recent? After that, you won’t need an app to make your own GIF. To capture 1.5 seconds before and after the shot is actually captured, you have to enable the “Live Photos” feature when shooting the photo. Pick one of the two effects by swiping up on the picture you want to edit:

  • Loop: Use the Loop feature to automatically create a repeating image sequence from your Live Photos.
  • Bounce: With Bounce, you can transform your Live Photo into a GIF that bobs and weaves, just like a boomerang on Instagram.

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